Hi There!

I’m Marci

Marci Burk.

Hello! I’m Marci Burk. I have been working with dogs for almost a decade and have well over 14,500 hours of experience working directly hands on with families and their dogs. I began learning a lot about dogs by working at a local boarding/training kennel. It occurred to me that dogs learn and communicate very differently than humans do. Since that time, I’ve volunteered at Muncie animal shelter to treadmill train their temporary residents until they find their furever homes. I’ve worked with countless rescues and shelters to teach the staff the best ways to rehabilitate dogs with a bad track record.

I have been featured on FOX59 and WHTR 13, and I am also an aspiring author, working on a book that will help you understand dog behaviors. I did co-write a book with my former business partner on dog behaviors that served more as a follow up guide after session work.   

No dog behavior surprises me. If someone were to ask me what my favorite kind of session is, it’s helping dogs come out of a fearful and reactive state. All of my sessions are rewarding though. I truly love getting to know my clients and their dog(s). It’s my mission to keep dogs out of the shelters and streets due to behavioral issues. If there is an issue, I can help you work through it.

Our furry friends deserve to be understood and helped. Once you commit to owning a dog, you are their leader for life. I can show you how to tackle any bad behaviors they might have had when they entered your home or that they learned along the way.  

My Mission

The mission of Marci Burk Dog Training is to teach pet parents how to create an atmosphere conducive to stable dog behavior so that more dogs find their forever homes.