Buying a Crate for your Dog

When buying a crate for your dog (AND PLEASE DO), we need to make sure it is not closed in.

When we cover their crate with a blanket or even buy an enclosed crate (pet taxi). It can create fear aggression. Domesticated dogs need to be able to see what is coming at them from all sides. If you cover the crate, the dog can only see out of the front window. This is especially important in small dogs. In a pet taxi, they can only see hands and feet coming into their space. This can lead to them tucking their tail in fear and backing up. Then we as owners have to reach in and get our dog out which causes more fear.

Over time a pet taxi could turn a dog into one that uses corners of rooms to guard or strike at people. If your dog is in a covered crate, he or she is also not used to things coming over the top of their head. You may notice this behavior while you try to introduce your dog to someone and they are “head shy” or growl. They can often tense up or even snap if someone tries to pet the top of their head.

The above behaviors usually stem from using the wrong crate. Dogs are not used to things coming over their head (besides the family) and get very defensive as a result. Wild dogs/wolves/coyotes, on the other hand, need a covered den so they can hide from other predators, and protect themselves.

Domesticated dogs in the home need to be able to see everything on all sides of them so they do not become fearful, jumpy or skittish when new people come into their lives.


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